Embroidery Hoop Memo Boards..(a tutorial)

Yes, you read the title correct.  I am getting out of the brush and metalsmithing mold and trying my hand at some crafty stuff!  And decided why not share these super fun crafts with you!  It must be all the new blogs I've found.   I am really enjoying seeing how clever some bloggers are!  So here's a fun project for you and the how-to's:

Embroidery Hoop Memo Boards
SUPPLIES NEEDED:  embroidery hoops of varying sizes, fabric, twine, glue gun and glue sticks, and fabric scissors
STEPS as photographed above:
1.  Lay the inner ring of the hoop on the ground and cover with your fabric (on a side note, I starched and ironed the heck out of my fabric first).  Cut string and lay it across the fabric overlapping in areas.  Use as little or as much string as you like.  By the time I got to #3 I laid a lot more string on than the first hoop.
2.  Lay the outer ring of the hoop over both the fabric and string and press down snugly.  Pull and stretch as needed to make it tight.
3.  Flip the hoop over and trim the excess fabric.  Leaving enough to fold in and glue down.
4.  Using a glue gun, glue the fabric to the inside of the wooden hoop.  Glue the strings down as well.  I always use a low-temp gun....always.  I think the hot temp guns get crazy hot and are dangerous around my skin and clothes!

Look how awesome they look over my art desk in the studio!

I found the cute clothespins at Michael's in the $1 bins!

The photo pinned to the hoop above is of my first studio space in the old house garage.  I like to surround myself with things that remind me of where I've been on the journey.

My crafty goddess friend Tiffin made the wreath that I turned into a simple cork board.  Since she'd used a Styrofoam wreath it was easy to push pin some favorite trinkets into it!


linwood avenue said...

woohoo - a tutorial! it looks great.

donna!ee said...

oh my good gooblie goo this is SPECTACULAR! thank you much for sharing...WOOHOO!!! blest be :)

Lonesome Dove Designs said...

soooooooooo cute. great kids project. love your work and your blog.

Isabel said...

Wow what a great cute idea thanks for sharing:O)

bee good design said...

I see our business card! Hope you are well and settling into your new digs (personally and professionally) Any chance you're going to the Trinity party Monday eve?

nacherluver said...

Cute and clever! Love!

Emily @ 52 Mantels said...

Oh man...I love everything you do. Every.single.thing!! The fabric choices?? Spot on! Mind if I borrow this idea for my craft room?? I'm just about to start hanging stuff up!

Thanks for linking up! I adore your style!! Seriously. Adore.

Brian and Ashley said...

I love those! And the fabric is glorious! Great job!

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