Hallway Love and 2 Projects

We are going on a little more house tour today!  I LOVE this area. It is the entrance to our home.  From the front door one walks into a nice size area with a crazy 2 story foyer height.  It's open to the den, dining and a sneaky peak of the kitchen.  I'd always wanted a very open floor plan, and we got it with this home.  The walls are of course the khaki pants color (blogged about this before...).  Eventually I will be painting this area a cool gray to match the FABULOUS chandelier we received for Christmas from Dad and B.  It will get it's own post, and perhaps even a video blog about the installation.  Billy is a whippersnapper at light changing, but this changing will literally require scaffolding!  And since the scaffolding will be in place, I will probably paint then.  woohooo!!

I had trouble at first decided how to lay the area out.  This skinny area below actually originally led to a library, the door behind the giant birdcage leads to this.  But the prior owners turned that into a closet in the master bedroom.  Um....yes, you would think you'd died and gone to closet heaven like me when you see it (yes, I will be showing it off...I just have to.  It is fabulous.)  So I wanted to close the area off.  The birdcage needs a little something inside....I am thinking about piling it with my old books.  I recently saw this done in the Pottery Barn Catalogue.
The black hand painted sign is a favorite purchase at Marist this year.  Under this I felt I needed to show our family in some way (since the sign talks about our family).  AHA!  A bulletin board.  So here's how I made it:
1-  ran to the basement and chose a frame from the pile
2- strung twine back and forth attaching with a staple gun
3-  strung a few fabulous turquoise buttons on the twine
4-  selected a family photo and other trinkets that meant something to our family
5-  attached a saw tooth hanger
6-  ran back upstairs and hung it up!  tops...15 minutes  You could do this with any type of frame really.
Now below is another fun project, and yes those are hands...my children's hands actually.  We made the sculptures in art camp a few years back.  It's a very cool project to do. Just follow these steps:
1-  purchase plaster gauze rolls at the craft store.  at my store it's where the fimo clay and stuff is located.
2-  have your child lather their hand in good old fashion Vaseline and then saran wrap
3-  pose the hand as you want it.  Not too complicated though, it is a little tricky getting this off!
4-  according to the plaster gauze instructions wet the strips and wrap on your child's hand loooooosely.  seriously.  this is not a cast!
5-  allow to set.  warn your child it gets warm(not hot) as it is setting.  it's how you know it's working.
6-  using scissors cut a slit so your child can slip their hand out of the casting
7-  use more plaster gauze to band-aid where you cut the slit
8-  you may have to trim the bottom to get it to stand up
And that's it!  What a wonderful way to preserve your sweet child's hands.

So that's all for today.  A peek into a favorite new vignette in our home.  We continue to nest away.  Loving it more as each day passes.


Liz @ Here's to Handy Andy said...

I love that memo-board frame! I'm stopping over from The Blue Eyed Owl, and I'm following along now. I would love for you to stop by my blog as well!

chelle said...

hi Jenni, i love your frame project & i really love that tile coaster with the picture on it, where is that from? how do you do it?

This Moment said...

I love the frame project AND the hands of your children--so meaningful! I definitely want to recreate that frame for my office/studio--I am a sucker for pictures and sentimental things. Before my daughter gets any older, I need to do the hand project too (she's 10). Thanks for sharing the how-to's!


hong kong property said...

i like your lamp!

Karla Medina said...

I like your whole little area. Your frame project is very cute. :) Visiting from My uncommon slice of suburbia

4you-withlove said...

Love it...especially your hands!

Michaela @ coveredinmodpodge.blogspot.com said...

I really love the "wish" site word. This is such a great little area!

Jen said...

Perfect! LOVE the childrens hands! Came over from Southern Lovely, following you now!

Sherika Lovett Alston said...

Love your everything!! especially the little hands! I would love for you to come link up tomorrow over at Passionatelyperfect.com!! Your newest fan!

Emily @ 52 Mantels said...

That is the most perfect little vignette!! Every detail is great! And, your family picture display is perfect. I actually have something similar to that on a gallery wall in my hall, but not nearly as cute. I think I need to find some cute buttons or charms to add to it! Thanks for the inspiration!!

And, thank you for linking up!! I'm your newest follower. I love you site!

The Backporch Artessa said...

Hi Jenni! Love your hallway! I love your birdcages, hands and dress forms (I have them all over my house too- we must be art-heart sisters!) have an idea for you inside your birdcage- I put silk ivy in mine, along with some favorite antique french books. The ivy really gave a warmth and softness and life to one of my "dead" corners.

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