Puffy Heart

Anne Moore Jewelry.  Ahhh......Anne Moore Jewelry. I met this lovely artist at the Wesleyan School Art Show I guess 2.5 years ago.  We were across from each other.  And I was smitten.  She may not know the extent of the smitteness.  But it is true.  I love, love the simplicity of her jewelry.  And that logo.  Swoon.  Seriously.  I'd love to be an artist like her.  Where simplicity speaks volumes. 

Over Christmas I found her Alabama charms at a local boutique in...Alabama.  Right.  But we weren't exchanging gifts Molly and I this year.  So I passed on them.  Then Molly mentioned the charms at Christmas and I thought, heck.  I'm just going to contact Anne and see if she'll make us some.  And she did.  And I've not taken mine off since I pulled it from the manila envelope.  Well, to take the photo above I HAD to.  But then put it right back on.  What is it about this state?....I don't know.   But you seriously can not take it away from my heart.  Ever.  (or my wrist at this point)

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