A New Year on the Farm

This New Year's weekend we spent in Alabama with family.  Yep.  And when we go to this part of Alabama activities include but are certainly not limited to:  gun shooting, 4-wheeling, lake side sunsets, beef tenderloin to slap yo' momma over, trail walking, too much wine drinking, hunting for treasures, hours of visiting, and one of my favorite activities photography.  See below some of my favorites:

Yes, this is a magical place to be.  And always we leave with grins the size of giant beavers.  Well, like the ones below:

Our family certainly enjoys being here on the farm.  There's never any complaining and certainly not a lack of things to do.  We always look forward to coming back to build more memories.  It's the stuff that one day I hope to pass along to my own Grandchildren.  I can see it already, and maybe...just maybe.... those memories will be passed along right where we are building memories now.  (hint...hint...in case you didn't catch that Dad)

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