Musings From the Art Room

Last week while conversing with 5th grade students around the room, I learned that one had mistletoe growing in the trees of his front yard.  Yes, conversations are like ping pong balls in my classroom.  But I enjoy getting to know the children and fortunately have the opportunity to walk and talk while they work.  "Mistletoe, really?  Cool.  Would you bring me some one day?  I love mistletoe!"  And the next day, well, he came in with a GINORMOUS grin on his face and a Ziploc full of mistletoe.  That was a puffy heart teaching moment.  Because this child is one that I think probably needs a little extra thanks in his life.  If you catch my drift.

So upon returning home I immediately placed the greenery in my favorite pitcher.  My kiddos were like Mom isn't that a Christmas thing?  No....it's so pretty!  So off to my i-pad I go and find this out:
We are all familiar with at least a portion of the mysterious mistletoe's story: namely, that a lot of kissing under the mistletoe has been going on for ages. Few, however, realize that mistletoe's botanical story earns it the classification of "parasite." Fewer still are privy to the convoluted history behind the tradition of kissing under the mistletoe. And its literary history is a forgotten footnote for all but the most scholarly.

What?  That's right: as unromantic as it sounds, kissing under the mistletoe means embracing under a parasite....  OMG.  I could have done without that knowledge it turns out!  So, another week in the art room has come and gone.  We are making amazing stuff guys.  I'll be sharing more next week in this new series.....Musings from the Art Room.  (clever no?)


JoyaJewelry said...

Really lovely post! You are that child's teacher for a reason! Smooches in honor of the mistletoe ;-)

heather noye said...

They are usually infested with Nargles too!!! :)

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