The APPS on My Apples

In our house we now own everytype of I-pod, I-pad and I-Phone there is.  Just no I-Computer....yet.    Billy and I are too chicken.  Although we love all the other toys that start with the letter I.  Not meaning to brag....just sayin'.

I am a photo junky.  Really I am.  I wish I knew how to use my fancy pants camera a little better.  Because I could see myself as a photographer.  Not of people, but like National Geographic photographer.  Or flowers.  I love to take photos of flowers.  Anyhoo....I opted not to take the big camera to Disney, just the I-phone.  You see, in my phone I have 4 camera APPS.  I love each and everyone for different reasons.  And Disney was a giant playground for messing with those APPS in the phone.  Ooooo...lookey at little Cinderella's castle after I got ahold of it:

I LOVE this photo I tinkered with at Epcot.  Yep.  The eyes of an artist and Disney's giant playground were a wonderful place to be!


Farmgirl Paints said...

I'm coveting your phone. Can't wait for my contract to run out...so getting an iPhone.

Jenni Horne said...

I forgot to mention the APPS....I have instagram, camera+, hipstamatic(I've not figured this one out too well yet) and photo effects!!

Melissa I. said...

Jenni, you can get a MacBook Pro, the 13.3" model, for $1099 at Microcenter. :)

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