Memory Lane

I was born in 1972.  So in the 70's my Momma dressed me.  I've got photo proof of plenty of smocked dresses on Sundays and wide legged pants and patchwork tops during the week.  Yep.  They are fabulous photos guys.  Ha.  The 80's came along and I was pre-teen and flat out teen.  So I remember vividly the clothing and stores....V-neck sweaters turned backwards from The Limited (I wanted everything from this store!!) , Units (don't tell me you didn't own a piece from this store....it was the BOMB!), Spencer jewelry, long sweatshirts with leg warmers and more.  Yes....the 80's.  Hideous clothing in so many ways.  While at Target the other night I about died at the clothing.  Bright....bright..crayon box bright.  And cut like the 80's but sorta hippy.   It's like the 60's-80's have mashed.  Fun.   And then over in the jewelry I just laughed OUT LOUD (which made Mailey wonder why?)  at what they are actually selling: 

Seriously?  Friendship bracelets!  Back when I was in middle and high school we didn't carry back-packs.  We had lockers and went between classes to our lockers to gather books for the next class.  What we ALL had were clip boards.  Oh yeah.  With stickers and paint pen writing all over them!  And during class we'd make friendship bracelets.  I can remember having an armful of these!  And now, some person in China is making them for Target.  And Target is selling them for $4.00.  I laughed and told Mailey, "I'll show you how to make those.  Let's go buy a clipboard."

The rainbow clothing I may have a little trouble fitting in to my wardrobe (I am a black, gray, white, jean person) but the earrings...I am totally freaking over.  Like these I found at Rugged Warehouse for $1.99. Yep.  You can envy me now:

Anyhoo...this is a totally random post, but the color clothing everywhere has got me all giddy for spring.  And since we are headed out Saturday for a warmer climate....I've been doing a lot of shopping.  It's not just Target that has the crayon box clothes either.  It's infiltrated everywhere.  I may have to break down and buy something out of my comfort zone!  Have a happy Wednesday guys!!


Anonymous said...

How about Scribbles? Did you have one of those? Units made me laugh, and yes it was the bomb! I enjoyed this post. Off to Target!

Ashley said...

Glad I wasn't the only one who laughed at those bracelets....too funny!!

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