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Right this second I am puffy hearting that we made a crazy decision to take the kiddos to Disney over our winter school break.  Yep.  We are here right this second as you are reading this post (I hope safe and sound...gotta love pre-posting).  Why such a big deal you ask?  It's just Disney.  Well you see, we aren't fancy vacation people...Billy and I.  We like a beach trip,  at least 2 a summer. Simple, sand in toes with no responsibility vacations are the name of the game for us.  This...while to many is "oh we go to Disney every year" (which I am AMAZED at how many people in Atlanta do), is a big deal for us!

And yet...we've not planned a thing.  Are we crazy?  Honestly I think those who over plan Disney miss out on some of the magic of the trip.  And yes, our kids have two legs and can walk.  The stroller frenzy is not an issue this time.  And we've got 2-days to do the parks and 3 days to do other stuff.  So we'll be fine and dandy.  I did make reservations to have dinner with Pooh...a family fav.  :)  Puffy heart that too.
So the Mickey Mouse ears....well.....they are MY Mickey Mouse ears.  From the first trip we took as an Adkins clan.  I have no idea what year it was.  But do know it had to be prior to the year 1982.  Because that was the year I changed the spelling of my name.....yep.  My parents spelled it Jenny from the get go.  And then in 6th grade, I hit middle school and decided that was just not a cool way to spell it and changed it to Jenni.  My birth name is Jennifer, and yet I've never been called that.  Yep.  Been idependent minded for some time now.  But you already knew that, right?

Billy has to fly home early from the trip because Georgia Legislature is in session next week.  And although we will miss Daddy terribly....Mommy is really excited about having the kids to herself for a few days with no plan, house to clean, blog to write, classes to teach, laundry to wash, meals to cook, need I go on?  And a giant playground to play in!!  How cool is that?  Mommy wouldn't mind a prayer for the car ride home though.....hint...hint....

So I'll see you back in a few....actually a week!  Holy tamoly we're going to be gone a spell!!  Woohooooo!!!

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Isabel said...

Awesome!!!! Have fun:O)

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