The Cupcake Craze...(a tutorial)

Cupcakes....all the craze, right?  I actually made some amazingly yummy (yes, bragging rights good) for William's party Saturday night.  Now, they were not spectacularly decorated by any means.  But yummy in the tummy they were!  The cupcakes below, well let's just say I wouldn't go eating these anytime soon.  But cute worthy they are!  I made these with my students in 4th grade and thought you know what, these would make super fun Valentine Gifts or decoration goodies!  I can totally see cute Valentine love note toppers on them.
To make these cupcakes it is so easy peasy.  Just follow the steps photoed below and add your special touch.  I'd love to see your version if you make some....so email me at jennhorne@ymail.com!
1.  gather materials:  stay-flo liquid starch, heavy duty cupcake wrappers (important to find wax lined ones), newspaper, muffin tin, paints and embellishments, container for starch, heavy duty paper towels
2.  line the muffin tins with your cupcake liners.  then wad one side of newspaper into a ball
3.  soak the newspaper in the starch
4.  place the newspaper in the liner.  this is the base of the cupcake
5.  soak the paper towel in the starch
6.  using a twirling motion place the paper towel on top of the newspaper soaked ball.  you can add more towels for fluffier cupcakes
7.  allow the cupcakes to dry in the muffin tin until completely dry.  mine took several days, but we did this in the winter and they had to be dried inside.  I also added white Elmer's glue around the edges to be sure the paper towel gripped the edges of the liner well.
8.  drying still in the muffin tins

Very real looking, right?  We then added lots of yummy colors to our cupcakes using acrylic paints.  I used the basic .99 paints.  While the paint was still wet we sprinkled the cakes with glitter.  I can see these being magical with just pixie dust glitter and soft pink paint....or pale blue paint.  Oh, what cute baby show gift take-aways!  And party favors....and well you get the idea.  These could created for any number of occasions.  Mine were made using school supplies, which are limited....you however can go bezerk making these pretty tasty treats!
Yes, these were a giant hit with the 4th graders...in fact my 3rd graders are already buggering me that they DO get to make these next year since they will in fact then be 4th graders!!  I love that we created something in the art room that was totally unexpected and really memorable.  I hope you enjoy making a few of these yourself!

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