Yarn Wrapping Frenzy

Did you know on etsy if you type the words "yarn wrapped wreath" 313 items pop up for sale?  Wow, I know!  And I could kick myself.  Because  4 years ago Valerie and I made a boat load for our store to sell after seeing the amazing ones this artist gave a tutorial on (ok, the magazine article was written in 2008 so 4 years).   We made them, sold them and moved onto the next crafty idea to sell.  That's how we rolled those days.  But now I could kick myself because they are HOT!!   And for some reason, last week I decided I'd  make a few for my home.  But the twist.......drum roll......I made mine into photo frames.  yeah.  Slap yourself for not thunkin' it before, right?
I love, love the quirky family photo above.  My daughter in her wackanoodle outfit, William the gentle Lily holder and no teeth smiler, Lily looking straight at the camera like a good girl, Billy the other no teeth grinner and me....with a dang square chin grinning ear to ear because that's what I do when the camera peeks at me.   It was taken right after we moved into the new house.  The tag on the wreath says est 1996, our wedding year.  I used two types of yarn over a round Styrofoam wreath, vintage shrunken sweaters for the flowers and vintage letters for our name.  Which on a side note, why oh why did I NOT know about the swirly flower with a glue gun a few years back when I crafted a bazillion felted flowers for shows as below?    Love you swirly easy peasy flower.
Anyhoo, while on the yarn wrapping frenzy I couldn't do just one thing.  Nope, like my painting binges I just can not do one thing....it's wasteful of time in my head.  Yep....So I found some tiny hoops in the closet and whipped up these:
Dang cute....and the kiddos at school loved them!  5th grade girls love cool earrings....I am in like flin with those girls with my earrings.  Yes, that is the trick to getting 5th grade girls to do as you ask and behave.  Cool earrings.  Now the boys, that's a different story.  I've got to brush up on some football talk...I understand there is a big game this weekend  (wink...wink).  Geesh.  I suppose I need to watch it in case they ask me about it. 
Well, I have a few more yarn wrapping projects up my sleeve to share.  They are so stinkin' cute I am thinking about making more and more....oh...and the yarn wrapped earrings will be making appearances in my etsy shop soon.  Very soon.  The wreath, well you can make that!  The problemo will be choosing the YARN!!


Heather said...

These earrings are adorable!!! I LOVE IT! Thanks for giving me more reasons to shop the yarn section!

Our Delightful Home said...

i love the earrings. I would love for you stop by and link up at my linky party via: http://ourdelightfulhome.blogspot.com/

Mrs. Delightful

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