A Studio View

Just thought I'd give you a view of the studio in work mode.  I told ya I work in multiples!  One day, one day...one day....I will remember to take photos of the whole studio remodel so you can see the end results.  But here's a pretty good glimpse.  It's super magical down there!  We'll be trying it out as a workshop studio this weekend for Mailey's party.  All her friends have asked me what they are making....why?  Hahaha....I can't wait to set it up for art making for her friends.  :)
I can't believe the pink sofa doesn't have a four legged on it in this photo.  The cats love the sofa.  See the tiny pink chair with painting on it?  That would be Mailey's....I guess she needs her own easel.

I use egg cartons at school for paint trays.  Super great idea....so I decided to try it at home and love it!!  The paints actually don't dry out in a day either.  Can you tell my palette of preference?

Lots more paintings to share over the next week....I hope you'll come back.  Follow on facebook for newest posts or follow me up there on the right hand side at the follow button!  I love to know who's joined the journey!


Farmgirl Paints said...

Love your work. The frames are awesome too.

Darcy said...

Checked out your work at Trinity this week - SO lovely!

Darcy said...
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