Little Bird Cages

Sometimes I buy stuff that I really shouldn't.  Yep.  I see it at a yard sale or thrift store and think to myself, "maybe I could paint on that?"  These wooden panels were such an example of my binge buying.  I found them at a yard sale for a steal but they sat....sat....sat....perhaps even got moved to the storage unit sat...until recently I looked at them and it hit me.  They looked like a BIRD CAGE!  And voila!  A painting series began.  See:

This one is the odd man out...but I just had to use this sketch from my sketchbook.  And the words, well they mean a lot to me these days.

I hope you start your Valentine Week off with loads of JOY and LOVE......the Horne house sure is!


Jennifer Taylor said...

These are great Jenni.

roc said...

omg - these are great. i feel inspired to go create!

Tammy Gilley said...


JoyaJewelry said...

oh how I love these!!! wonderful Jenni! xo

heather noye said...

what a great series!!! i love when i stumble upon items that just speak (or scream) their inspiration! These pieces are beautiful :)

This Moment said...

Wow--these are amazing! What a great creation you came up with--of course bird cages!!! Thanks for sharing your sweet birdies--they always make me smile.


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