52 Canvases Update

Good Morning to ya!  It's Sunday am...I played hooky from church.  Yeah.  I know.  This weekend was my second PSW workshop, which was AMAZING.  And although I am not nearly as pooped as last time, I needed some serious down time.  Between the art camp that nearly put me into "why the heck do I teach children again?"  mode and then class yesterday I needed some me time.   I like my alone time. 

So here I am in the studio.  Been down here about 2 hours painting and now I'm on the pink couch.  Ellie Belly is cuddled up as close as she can without being on the keyboard to my right.  Pandora is chill axing with Norah Jones.  Homemade pimento cheese and wheat thins are on my left.  Yeah.  This is near about perfect. 

Speaking of perfection, I was peeking through all my 52 Canvases photos and noticed a funny trend.  I've been taking photos of my colorful water.  I have no idea why.  But I like it.  And this is the first orange one of the bunch!  Yeah orange!
I know not all of you who come here to this blog go here to this blog.  You know, the 52 Canvases blog?  So I thought after my lengthy post and excitement over the 13.1 race I'd show you the final painting for week 19.  19!!
It turned out super good.  And yes.  They are my tennis shoes (with some fun scrapbook paper additions).  Some people may think it's weird to have painted this particular subject, but this is my journey.  And as many runners as there are out there, this one just might speak to them better than a jar of hearts. 
What's next on the docket for today?    Well since my long run is done for day I'm thinking about this:

But without the half-baked looking eyes.  hahaha....

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Isabel said...

Wow love those tennis shoes!!! Poor doggie he looks pooped

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