Summer Art Camp Goodness

This is a crazy photo heavy post...but you guys just have to see the goodness we made last week at camp!!  I always look forward to camp.  From planning projects, shopping for materials and teaching...art camp is a highlight for me!  And although this group wore me out, looking at all the loveliness we made I think I know why I was so pooped after 3 days/15 hours of art making!

 16x20 Canvas paintings with silver leaf boats

 Ok...seriously look at the by-plane drawn by a 6 year old above!!
 The boats turned out beautiful.  The kids loved the silver leaf...and I finally figured out how to do it without getting it stuck all over myself!
I always try and do a 3-D project at camp.  With the time constraints I can't do real clay.  And every year I search for the best air dry product.  Last year was an epic fail.  Really.  This year I was determined I'd find THE product.  The DAS clay worked wonderfully!!  Dried within the time-frame with only a few tails getting broken.  Score!  And seriously...these sleeping doggies are too cute!  We even made little rugs and dog beds for them!

 Watercolor seashell collages with a little sparkle turned out beautiful!

And last but not least, oil pastel pitchers of lemonade.  This is one of my favorite projects to do with kids ever.  They always turn out splendid!  Each I have pictured were done by kids 6 and under.  Yeah.  I know!!!

We also completed the positive /negative space project I featured earlier in the week.  Overall, the 3 days were a huge success.  Kids ages 5-12 attended.  And all 21 were a pleasure to have in the studio!  Already looking for ideas for next year.  Hope your child wil join me then!

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