PSW July

July heat didn't stop this amazing group of ladies to drive on down to Sharpsburg, GA!!  Saturday was the second of the series of Paint Something Workshops in my home.   I can't tell you how truly blessed I feel to have a studio and home that can now accommodate this.  It's a dream come true!  So here they are:  Heidi, Gigi, Darcy, Heather, Lisa, Gail, Tiffin, Kara, Rene, Me, Melissa, Mailey and of course Lily. 
Mother daughter team Heidi and Gigi drove over from B'ham!  Heidi and I grew up together in Homewood....and it appears I've got her hooked on painting.  It's her second truck over!  I love seeing the spark she has for something I love. 
I'll admit, this time around the class went easier.  Although I am never nervous before I teach, last time being the first, I was rather anxious about the class (lots of whattheheck monsters crept in last time...this time only unicorns and rainbows in my dreams).  The June workshop I learned a few lessons too.  First and foremost we needed 1.5 hours more time.  Saturday everyone finished perfectly on time!  So that lesson learned was solved!  I also had 3 repeat students who were able to help guide the new students.  I love that....more than anything it shows to me that not only are we building skills, we are building confidence in the medium!

The place was packed...9 painters in here and 2 in my actual studio.  This room is my awesome storage, jewelry and press room.  It's very raw, except for the fun color pom poms on the ceiling.  I have no intentions of finishing it off.  But perfectly it fits tables to seat 8-10.  And no one seems to mind the rawness.  :)
We painted until about 12 then took a lunch break on the screened in porch.  I made homemade pimento cheese...which amazingly many people had either neither had or didn't like.  WHAT??  Although unless she's lying to not hurt my feeling I may have made a believer out of Tiffin (from Pittsburg originally.)  Melissa, sweet thing, made her yummy homemade chicken salad.  And for dessert.....my AWESOME HUBBY made homemade ice cream.  Which is like slap yo momma good.  Just saying.
Another addition to the day were swaps.  Melissa brought little fabric button bobby pins last time as a treat for everyone.  While painting in June she mentioned maybe us doing swaps the next time.  I thought cool idea!  So everyone that came was asked to bring 12 treats.  The only rule was they had to be handmade.  Everyone well exceeded expectations!!  It was so fun.  And dear Lisa.....that peach pound cake you made is near about the best thing I've ever put in my mouth.  And I've done a lot of eating in my life.  Just saying. 

Inside our little swag bags were:  magnets by Mailey, pin cushion/sewing kit jars by Darcy,  leather and bead wrap bracelets by Gail, ephemera kits by Heidi, original Robot drawings by Gigi, Peach Cake goodness by Lisa, bookmark and felted pin by Tiffin, cute clay bobby pins by Melissa, vintage painted jars for trinkets by Heather, bookmark and ribbon tied candy jars by Rene and Kara.  Oh, and I gave everyone one of my t-shirts.  It was quite the swag bag!!  I can't wait to do this again in the workshops!  So be thinking about what you could make if you plan to join us in August!
So...I just have to show off these two girls, Kara and Rene.  They FLEW in from Florida to take the class.  I know, right?  So cool.  I have them hooked too.  They stayed with me Friday night in the guest room and headed back after class on Saturday.  Have I mentioned how glad I am to have this house now? 
So here's all the paint goodness from the day.  So pleased once again with everyone's work.  And truly hope that my technique inspires each of you to come back for more...and those of you that have not made it yet....to come on!!  It's time to PAINT SOMETHING!!

Of course I have to show a little Lily goodness.  She was super sweet after her running around like a crazy lady the first hour everyone was in the studio.  I think she likes PSW classes as much as all of us!
So what's next?  Well I'm just gonna spill it.  I LOVE TEACHING PSW classes.  Really.  And already have plans to expand on the course.  Including a PSW Chapter 2 for those who've come to Chapter 1.  AND......drum roll......there will be an overnight PSW inspired retreat.  Details are running rabid in my head.  I've got a partner in mind to help lead the event.  So maybe it won't be just painting, but more!  Just hope we can get it together for winter.  Winter would be the perfect time for an overnight create-in, right?  RIGHT!  So be sure to check in the tab above that says Paint Something Workshops for upcoming classes.  August will be posted within the next 2 weeks.


Dianne said...

Looks like so much fun! My aunt lives in Gainesville, GA and I love to go visit her... Maybe one of these visits will have to coordinate with one of your workshops!

This Moment said...

Again, I love seeing pics from your workshops! I'm hoping someday I can get to paint with you - your work and the work others create while with you makes me smile.


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