The Revival of Vintage Marketplace

Hey guys!!  I am back.  Safe and sound from the Revival show.  No sunburn, no heat stroke, a little dirty...but otherwise in very good spirits!!  And yes, we had heat up to 105'.  I think I deserve a tee...right?  Anyways, I HAD to show you the photos of the venue and such.  It was an AMAZING venue for an event like this.  And although the crowds were low, I really can't blame ya for not coming out.  I mean, it was ridiculously hot.  But I will be doing any show Hugh and Weatherly put on...especially if it's here!

The Goat Farm Arts Center...It's hard to believe a place this magical is in the heart of the city.   I am just going to tell you that I was daydreaming the entire way home about what it'd be like to live here.  Because people do.   And so do dogs, goats, chickens, guinea, and lots of cool artsy people!
 So here's a little history because it is just so cool!!  "It was built during the 1880s, opened in 1889, and expanded in various phases through the early 1930s. It was Edward Van Winkle's third complex in Atlanta - a previous one was located in today's Luckie Marietta district. By 1898, the site specialized in cotton-related machinery, and won awards at international expositions and state fairs. In 1912, the Murray Company of Texas bought out Van Winkle and the site became known as Murray's Mill. During World War II, the complex produced ammunition and mortars.

In the early 1970s Robert Haywood bought the site and sculptors, musicians, painters and photographers set up studios there. For a time in the early 2000s space was rented to antique dealers as "The Shops at Murray Mill",[3][4] but the antique mall never took off. The site remained unused for many years.

On July 15, 2010, the property was sold for a reported $7 million[5] to Hallister Development, specialists in renovating historic properties. Hallister stated that it planned to preserve and boost the property as an arts-friendly community.[6] In 2008, as an alternate back up plan, Hallister Development filed a "Developments of Regional Impact" application with the Georgia Regional Transportation Authority for a project containing 426 residential units at the location, to contain 96,000 square feet (8,900 m2) of office and 96,000 square feet (8,900 m2) of retail.[7]

Hallister Development ultimately chose not to pursue redevelopment of the site into a residential/commercial complex. In 2009, Hallister made the decision to develop the site into a 20,000 square foot center for the visual and performing arts with five performance and exhibition halls, a cafe/library, an on-site organic farm, an education center, a 5000 square foot sprung floor for contemporary dance, and creative studios. "  (text taken from wikipedia)

Here a just a few pics I took around the grounds:

This is the row of crazy outside vendors.  And yep...that's me on the end.  I have to say though, since we knew it was going to be so hot we were prepared.  Complete with make shift sheet tent, fans, Frog Toggs (those suckers saved us, really), King of Pops (RIGHT by my booth), lots of water and each other!!  I was honestly less tired than a normal show. 
 And although these cool vendors had the inside spaces, there was no air conditioning.  Yeah, they were sweaty too.  :)
So here's me....on the end.  Which I took complete advantage of and spread way out.  It was a lovely vignette. 
 I want to grow this on my house.
The Warhorse was like walking back in time....it is a coffee shop, library extraordinare!  Can not explain it well and my pics turned out like dukey.  Trust me....you need to come onto the grounds and see the coffee shop for yourself.  This is where we had our lectures.  Which BTW went really well!  I had a packed house.  And since talking about buying art is something I am quite passionate about, I totally capivated and mesmerized my audience.  hahaha...It could also have been the fact that it was air conditioned in there.  But I like to think they were there for me. 
So although the crowds were at home no doubt in their cool homes, we were there...bright eyed and bushy tailed!!  It was really fun to just hang out with art buddies and make new ones!!  Art vendors truly are like family.  Once you meet them, it's like friends for life.  I was tickled to see all my art buddies.  And it made me remember why I do love shows.  And then Sunday night with all our families helping us pack I remembered why I need a little break.  I'll be back to shows though.  I just know it.  It's in my blood now.  Oh and below, we aren't sporting fashionable shawls, but rather Frogg Toggs.  Our body savers.  Photoed below is Reagan (Tiffin's friend), Me, Tiffin, and Joy.  Geesh I just realized with glasses on Joy and I look like sisters!  Funny.
 Seriously, look at my booth space!!  It was dreamy vintage.  I want to go back.  And set up right there again.
So, I'm going to be chilling in the air conditioning tomorrow.  3 straight days of outside living are enough for me.   We are headed to the beach too, so packing is in order.  I plan to take my 52 canvas and maybe a few more.  Surely there will be something inspiring to paint at the beach!!   Perfect timing for a little vacation, right?  Hope you have a great one!


Dianne said...

Looks like it was an awesome time! The venue is amazing. My aint lives in Gainesville... Maybe next time I go visit her I will check it out.

Isabel said...

What a beautiful little town and all the gorgeous buildings and I Love your setup:O)

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