The Studio

I thought I'd give you a sneak peek at the state of the studio.  I'm doing a lot more painting these days down here. It's so cool in the basement these hot summer days.  The porch studio will have to wait.  I'm hanging here.  I even find myself working on the computer more down here on the pink sofa.  It's also quieter.  I am not a TV and work artist.  Music only.

I can not tell you how happy this place in our home makes me.  The main addition is the inspiration wall above the chalkboard.   It was actually homework for an online class.  I know!  Cool homework we artists get.  We had several goals this week as a part of the class.  And one was to set up a studio....got that no problem.  But I did clean it.  And the inspiration wall.  I've got another pile to stick up, but this is a wonderful start.  And, BTW I LOVE that Japanese tape.  What's it called?  Wasabi?  Or is that the green stuff by my sushi?  It is like little pieces of happiness!  Luv.  Where can I get more?  Someone gifted me the roll with music notes on it at Art and Soul.  Hmmm....I see an Etsy night ahead of me.
The new print...like it?  It's hand carved by an AMAZING artist friend Kathleen Taylor.  I've admired and loved her work for years. 

 So there it is...my little slice of JOY in the Horne house. 


Dianne said...

Love your work space!

sydney said...

washi tape! you're so cute.

Kathleen Taylor said...

Aw, Jen! Thanks so much. It made me smile seeing that print on your wall. I love it. Your space is so "you" and inviting.

vdumas said...

I have that same bird platter from Ikea... now you've inspired me to clean up my studio. :-)

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