Booths and Fun Decisions!

Alright.  You know me.  I just can not seem to settle down.  As soon as I'd made the decision to take a year off from art shows I was beginning to think that was a bit of a nutty decision.  For several reasons.  A.  I love shows, really I do.  Meeting buyers in person makes me want to paint even harder!  B. Income. Yeah, shows make money.  No shows=no money.  Momma likes money.  C.  What was I supposed to do with all my inventory?  I have come to the painful decision that Etsy is not my friend.  Although I did sell 4 paintings this month....so maybe there is hope there.  But for ALL my goodies, it's not a winner. 

And then it hit me.  I needed to do another booth somewhere.  I'd had a booth in The Vintage-Flea for a few years after leaving as an owner.  Here is my first booth I did I think.  I can tell by the painting style that it's an old photo.  :)
And although I don't get to meet buyers in person, having a booth does something else for my mojo.  You see, if I have say nothing on the calendar for a spell....I tend to slack on artsy stuff and start wandering.  I do things like paint rooms in my house, re-decorate rooms, shop too much and get crazy ideas like paint the back porch stucco walls a fun bright color.  Yes, I NEED a booth.  Pronto!!
So.........today it is official!!  I am now renting a sweeeeeeet space at The Boneyard in Newnan (It's huge...and a corner.  You know how I like corners.)  If you've not been yet, you GOTTA!!  It's a beautiful space packed with vendors you will love.  And the best part, I totally talked Joy and Tiffin into doing this with me!!!  Ekkkkk!!!!  We move in on Friday to work the magic.  Saturday your plans are to go see, and buy something.  From us of course! 

I am really looking forward to this new adventure.  I hope you'll take the time to stop in.  We are in the far right room.  On the corner.  Did I mentioned that already? 


Dianne said...

I think it's a very good idea! I wish there was a place near me that I could rent a booth in!

Isabel said...

I LOVE my booth and wish I was near to shop at yours!!!!!:O)

katie purcell said...


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