Happy 4th of July!!

This is the 1st time 10 years (I think that long, maybe longer) that we are not in a 4th of July parade,  tossing candy or water and running a campaign.  It's a little weird.  I told some friends last weekend that for 10 years this has been our 4th of July:  1.  wake early and get to the Moreland BBQ...shake hands, have cute kids in tow and foster those friendships that continue to get Billy elected.  In the early years our kids always did the bike parade.  Man, memories!!  2.  Go home to get a snack, shower and rest.  3.  Get candy ready for handing out (average 20 large bags), cooler ready, picnic dinner ready, float stuff ready, etc.  4.  Head to Newnan for parade route around 4:00.  5.  Parade starts at 6:00PM.  It's about a 1.5 mile route.  Billy ALWAYS walks the route handing out candy and shaking hands.  I usually ride in the float with the kids.  Waving.  I so needed a tiara.  Yeah.  6.  End parade route at Newnan High School and quickly get the picnic dinner set out and chairs ready for the awesome fireworks display.  Hang until dark while kids run around, playing ball and doing sparklers.  7.  Fireworks go off always giving me the chills.  Always.  8.  Load up our stuff in the pitch dark and wait for about an hour in the car traffic jam (it is seriously the worst traffic jam ever!).  9.  get home around midnight and crash.....hard.   10.  Sleep dreaming of happy times in our little town and how very, very lucky we are to have a community that supports us!  And has continued to believe in Billy for 8 years.  And now.  Well, we are passing that torch over.

Yep.  And this year, since Billy has retired, we are at the beach.  The beach!!!!!  So I'll see you guys on the backside of this week.  Maybe even next week.  Sand, sun, ocean water.  They are calling.  Hope you have a  happy day full of BBQ, sweet tea, and cole slaw.  At least, that's how we roll here in the south!


Dianne said...

Love the patriotic Maddie! Happy and relaxing fourth to you... Your family deserves the rest.

Mary said...

Your posts always make me miss life back in the south! You guys (I mean y'all)know how to roll! Happy 4th :)

Corrabelle said...

haha, what a cute yankee doodle dandee! Happy fourth:)

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