A Tandem Bike

I guess it was last week that Erin contacted me through my Etsy shop.  It was a funny message...basically she said a friend had given she and her husband a tandem bike painting as a gift.  The name on the back of the painting was mine and wondered it she'd found the right Jenni.  I said yes it was!  Which reminds me to tell you I had these awesome stickers made since then which I put on the back of all my paintings that have my email and website for this very reason!!  You never know when a gift will become a client.  Woohoo!!  She wanted one made as a wedding gift for a couple and wanted it done by October.  No problemo.  Literally.

I had this custom painting made in less than a week!  Pretty proud of myself!  It's wrapped and ready to be mailed to the bride and groom tomorrow.  Yeah!    Erin wasn't sure about the patch frame, and since it was the only one I had in the right price range and right size for a tandem bike with heart balloons we compromised and painted the frame gray.  Which honestly after I sanded it down a smidgen I love it more.  The patch frames tend to be really rough around the edges.  Painting it made the frame more polished looking in the end.
I just love this quote, not sure if I just made it up (which I really think I did) or if I saw it somewhere.  Either way, it makes for a perfect wedding gift.  I hope the happy couple enjoys it for years to come!
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