Little Clay Birds

You know how I like a car studio on long road trips.  Keeps my mind off my husband's driving!  This summer on our way to the beach I made a lovely pile of clay birds using a tiny handmade rubber mold.  I used a paper clay so the little birds are very light weight.   After finally getting them painted last week I put the birds together with a few beads and chain  turning the birds into these lovely necklaces.  

The asymmetry looks lovely on your neck with a simple top.  These necklaces will be for sale at the upcoming Marist Holiday Traditions show on Saturday, November 3rd.  This is a wonderful show to come and gather all sorts of handmade goodness for Christmas presents.  I took a hiatus from shows, but not this one for sure!  I hope to see you there!  I made literally 24 of these sweet necklaces for you!


Dianne said...

Love them! So much for focusing on only painting huh? I sooo know how that is!

Christine said...

Miss Jennie, will you have some for sale on etsy, or can I order 2???? Please, please , please? Can't make it to your show :-(

chris rohloff

Jenni said...

These are so lovely, I'm sure they will be very popular. Have a great show!

JENNY BAIO said...

Hello! Those birds are very sweet and I love your asymmetrical beading.

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