Painting for Little Girls

When a friend called and asked if I'd paint 2 paintings for her 3 little girl's rooms I said yes!  Of course!  I've mentioned before here in my journal that I'm not always timely with custom paintings.  It's like a mental block.  But this time the little paintings just came effortlessly and timely.  I enjoyed painting old subjects in my old softer style.  It was a nice change.  And a wonderful way to get me into a lovely little groove.
The painting above is going to hang over the left bed, the one below the right bed.  It's the prettiest pink room ever!  So these really add a pop of color and sweetness to the room.  When I go back with the paintings for the boys room I'll get a photo of the room with the art hanging.  We didn't get them hung when I delivered the paintings. 
I started thinking about custom paintings and my timeliness after delivering these Monday.  Funny thing is I've now got a list of 4 more custom paintings for clients.  And since I'm not frantically working to fill a show booth I've got time to work on them!  I love knowing that someone specifically wants something I paint...it makes me very puffy heart inside.  Yeah.  Goodness is flowing out of the studio these days!

If you are at interested in a custom piece feel free to email me at jennihorne@ymail.com.  I'd love to chat with you about it!


Dianne said...

Love them! They are sooooo sweet!

Renea Luong said...

This piece is really amazing, Jennie! And it is a relief that you're transporting it all by yourself. Anyhow, how do you do it when your client is out of your location? Sometimes, it's difficult to entrust the delivery with someone who are not very particular with handling the paintings and artworks.


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