Anxious=New Ideas

Monday this week I posted on facebook that I was feeling most anxious for some reason.  Those of you that follow my blog know I tend to "burn the candle at both ends".  Yep.  That's just how I roll.  But inevitably at some point I do crash burn and need some aloe.  Since I recognized the symptoms I knew to get ready.  You see, this anxious I was feeling was that of ideas.....ideas literally waiting to get out and onto the paper.  It's my routine.  So I cleared my head of the "other" stuff that needed to get done.  New blog banner, my 1st email newsletter was sent (did you sign up yet??  over in the side bar...you gotta sign up!!  I am excited about this addition to the studio!!), school lesson plans ready to go, laundry done....etc...yes....  Laundry has to be done for me to make art.

And yesterday it happened.  I sat down at lunch and started to doodle.  And this wee one appeared:

I now have bunny and Mattie bird in about 20 sketches ready to go.  Yep.  I've no idea where this is going.  But it's making me very happy.  Although I think it's because while sifting through old photos in my computer I found our San Francisco pics.  That was one of the best weekends Billy and I have had as a married couple.  Seriously happy days.  On the trip we bought Mailey the cutest bunny ever at the Modern Museum store.  His quirkiness is laying somewhere in her room.  I suppose subconsciously his sweetness got to me.  And I needed to draw him.  With Mattie. 
Today I brought my paints and a few small canvases to start working on.  This one doesn't have a bunny, but it has my orange:
I can't wait to get it home and add collage and stabilo pencil!  Now off to start one with bunny and Mattie.  Bunny needs a name....and a color.  I was thinking orange. 

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Dianne said...

Hmmm... a name for an orange bunny... Of course being from Florida, I turn to varieties of citrus... Temple, Valencia, Honey Bell, Clementine... Honey Bell and Clementine would work!

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