Always Home

You'd have to live under a large rock to not know the "Home" song by Phillip Phillips.  It's everywhere.  Olympics, commercials, radio.....it's on and in my head at all times.  So when this little painting was all said and done there was just a little something missing.  Words.  So of course, I used a bit from his song.  Always home.....I love to be home.  I do.  I love my house.  I love the smells, the imperfections, the to-do lists, the plans, the future.  I see it.  And am very glad it's always there for me to come to.  I was thinking about it the other day, what my favorite spot in the house is actually.  Not sure why...one of those random thoughts I get while running I suppose.  And then the thought lingers a spell.  Right now as the fall is approaching I'd have to say the screened porch.  I know, you'd thought I'd say my studio.  I do love it.  But really wish there was more natural light.  The old studio was spoiled me I guess!  Yep.  The porch is the spot for me right now, and all the four legged children in the house.  They fight for a particular spot on the orange sofa.  It's hilarious. 

So what's your favorite spot right now?  Do tell!!

Oh and BTW, this little original is for sale right here!


linwood avenue said...

my studio, but only when the windows are wide open!

violette said...

i love love love your whimsical art!
My favourite place is my kitchen counter where i draw most of my journal pages - but the funny thing is i have a separate backyard studio - love created in my little cottage.

love, violette

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