Clementine and Mattie

You know, sometimes I get real excited about the stuff I make.  Sometimes I don't get so excited about the stuff I make.  This is one of those sometimes when I am over the frikin' moon tickled at myself!  I know, she's just a bunny.  And she's coming from left field.  You are like what?  But deep down folks....I am a whimsical painter.  My sketchbooks are chopped FULL of silly little drawings.  Animals of all sorts appear in and out of my sketches.  But Clementine, man she appeared in like seconds and BAM...is just making me so very, very happy.  I literally have drawn her 20 times over.  So get ready.  'Cause you are going to see a bunch of her.  Happy art is contagious though.  It's okay to like her too.  And if you really, really like her.  You can buy her here!  Yipppeee!!!

I updated the etsy shop with all sorts of happy new stuff.  Go on...check it out.  You know you need something.  A gift for someone or you.


Jennifer Jackson Taylor said...

Love her Jenni. Can't wait to see more.

Dianne said...

Love here! LOVE her striped socks too! I'm so impressed you used the name I suggested!

Catherine Denton said...

Your passion for her shines through on the canvas. I'm loving this and excited to see more of her!
Catherine Denton

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