Jewelry...yes....the J Word

Ok.  I take it back everything I said about no longer making jewelry.  Not really.  But I did get a little jewelry carried away this weekend.  Here's what happened.....I cleaned the studio out on Saturday.  For like 3 hours.  Cray...cray since I spend less than 3 hours a week right now in the room.  I don't want to talk about that right now.  It's too painful.  I'll just say this.  I hate homework. 

While cleaning everything I found the 52 metal numbers below I bought at a cute shop in Senoia over the summer.  My plan was to make a bracelet with them to memorialize my 52 Canvases in my 40th year project.  Yeah....months later I found them in a random bag in a random spot stuffed in the "jewelry" cabinet in the studio.  Can we say "outta sight, outta mind?"  I like to organize things, but sometimes I stuff stuff in places and forget about them.  I do.  However you should see the 6ft table in the studio I set up with project piles Saturday during the 3 hour clean up (is there a badge for this you think?).  It's good to see what needs to be done and what NEEDS to be done.  Keeps me focused on the prize.(that would be money folks) 

Fast forward in the story....I have to make bridesmaid gifts for an upcoming family wedding.  They are going to be the most beautiful little bracelets.  So I was gathering the materials for those when I thought why not go ahead and make my bracelet?  Let's see.....hmmm.....what beads......oh gotta use these new black pearls and the faceted turquoise....OOOOO....I can make an ombre affect!!!  And then it started.  The ideas.  And why sometimes on occasion I really don't like my crazy overload creative thinking brain.  Yeah.  It's totally annoying.

 I love the bracelet so very much.  The ombre affect...the little bird with 40 stamped on it....the meaning.  It's special.  Just the way I like my jewelry to be. 

Fast forward again....today was a one day baseball tournament.  All day, marathon baseball type thingy.  In Fayetteville.  And since I am Momma bear extraordinaire these days I took William and Nicholas to the game at the bright and bushy hour so Kristi could do her thing, Billy do his thing and Mailey do her thing.  And knew, just knew I needed a hand craft to keep me occupied before, and between the games.  I mean I can only socialize so much.  That's sarcasm people.  I started talking to the other Momma bear I'd never met the second I sat down and think we talked throughout the entire 1.5 hours we waited for the game to start.  Yeah.  I'm one of those people you avoid at games if you want to really watch the game.
Whilst waiting though I made several of these gorgeous ombre necklaces.  Luv.....luv...luv.   In person they illuminate off the skin.  And since after cleaning out the studio I found I have enough beads to possibly fill the empty hot tub on our back deck, I may be eating my words and making some jewelry for an upcoming show.  Maybe.  Why not right?


Dianne said...

Maybe? Why not? Absolutely! You're like me... I want to focus on one or two things, but it seems impossible. A friend once described it as having a scanning personality.

sandy Nedzlek said...

I love the necklace. Will you be selling them online? Your bracelet is amazing as well.

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