A Holiday Break

Wow....another Christmas come and gone.  I am sure you are saying the same thing, where did the time go?  Billy took the entire break off with us which was a real treat.  So what did we do for the past 10 days?  Well, first we sat and enjoyed this tree and watched a ton of HGTV and movies.  Literally....Mailey and I made this nest of bean bags and blankets right by the fire and barely moved for days.
Yep, we looked like a band of pajama fairies for days.  Is that bear not the cutest dang thing ever??  When we had gas leak #1 in our home from a bum fixed furnace I grabbed Lily and ran....Mailey grabbed him and ran.  Hilarious. (and yes, there was more than one gas leak...sigh)
This little toot was beyond happy to have us all home to herself.  And yes, we were wearing sweaters and hats in the house.  8 days and counting with no heat downstairs.  Upstairs is cozy, but the family is just used to living all together.  I guess the years in the tiny house made us that way. 
We traveled to see family in South Alabama and then turned around and saw family in North Alabama.  I used the 12 hours in the car to perfect my laddering technique.  It's quite addicting.
And when there was downtime at home I turned the kitchen table into my studio.  Like I said, we all wanted to just be together. 

Yep...together we spent 10 days straight.  No sleep-overs and hardly any friend time.  Just us time.  It was nice.  And I don't remember the kids being to fussy with one another like usual.  Perhaps it was the Christmas spirit.   We had days upon days of rain.  Which made us even lazier.  I guess its what we all needed. 
Yep....another Christmas season has come and gone too quickly.  Hopefully we made memories that will last until next year.  I hope your Holiday was filled with joy and a little magic too!

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