Hot Chocolate 5K 2013

So I am a runner.  I say this officially now because less than a year ago I couldn't even run a mile.  Seriously. Now... it's kind of an obsession.  And kinda runs in my blood.  Because of the 68 year old man on the left.  He started running when I was a kid....I told this story already on the blog so I won't bore you.  And I have other things to say about running I'll save for another post.  Because this is more about the 3 generations above that ran a 5K yesterday!  3 generations!!  (The above photo was taken at 5:30 am...I have on no make-up and the bangs and pony are not my favorite look..  Luv the bangs when my hair is down, but not back.  haha)

After my 13.1 I was on a high to find new races.  A 15K honestly is a wonderful long distance race.  Hot Chocolate...and running...well those are two amazing combos I think.  So I signed up.  And so did my Dad!  After my 13.1 he got the bug.  But silly man didn't train.  And you just can't go out and run 9 miles cold.  In the meantime Mailey decided she wanted to run the 5K, so I signed her up thinking she and Dad could go together.  Saturday night rolls around and we finish a yummy dinner and are getting ready for the race.  I look it up on FB out of curiosity as to how many are running.  16,000 plus runners in the race.  Holy cheesecracker!!!  Mailey, I'm running with you, forget my 15K goal.  As a mother there was no way in hell I was letting my 10 year old run through the streets of Atlanta with 16,000 strangers.  Not to mention side liners.  The scenarios running through my head were nuts.  So I texted my 15K running partner not to look for me after all.

5:00 Sunday morning rolls around (my 17th wedding anniversary btw!!) and we all rustle to get ready.  Mailey is so excited.  Really...I love seeing her joy for something I truly love doing.  The run started at Turner Field where the Braves play ball.  We found our way over and were really impressed with the fact that 16K people were all mingling getting ready to do the same thing we were!  It totally didn't feel crowded.  Plenty of porta potties (very important guys)....crazy DJ getting everyone motivated...people warming up...etc...It was exciting.
The bibs had Corral letters on them...luckily Mailey was in corral C...a runners only corral.  And towards the front! Look at the sea of people behind us! Dad had to go back a tad since his bib was not for the 5K, and he thought he'd have to walk.  Another good reason my momma bear instincts kicked in.  She wouldn't have been with Dad anyways.  Since SO many runners were present they started each corral in 3 minute increments.  It was a great idea.   Waves of runners started....we pushed forward, and another wave moved forward.  Our official start time was 6 minutes into the race.  The new chip time technology helps this process and makes your time more accurate.  Basically your time starts when you cross the start line and stops when you cross the finish.  It's magical.   Later they post the times online.  I have NO idea what our time was since MAPmy run wouldn't freaking save at the end.  But pretty sure it was right at 30minutes.  I didn't look at the clock when we ran through the finish line.
Cool shoes make running so much more fun.  I am loving my new light shoes.  HUGE difference.  Seriously. Like 1 min. off each mile love!   I tried to get a photo while running of the streets filled with people.  But it turned out blurry (duh), and there was no way to stop else the runners behind me would have toppled and started a lovely domino falling effect.  The sea of people bobbing up and down the streets of Atlanta in dense fog was an amazing site.  Mailey was in awe.  She loved the entire experience.  And watching her run...she's like a gazelle.  So graceful.  I made her keep my pace so she'd not tire out.  Although at mile 3 she was like, "Where is the finish line???"  Once the finish was in site though dang that girl put on the fire and finished super strong!  In fact, our family who was at the finish line totally missed her!  I ran over to them to wave.  She didn't know to do that, but does now.  So no photo of her grand finale!
 Mailey and I made it back around to the finish line to wait for Pawpaw.   It was so exciting to see him running towards us!  He ran the entire race in about 40minutes!  Go Dad with no training!!
After the race runners filed into a tent to receive their finishers mug.  Which was filled with fondue, hot chocolate and tons of dipping goodies!  How fun is that?  Overall it was such an amazing experience.  Afterwards even William said, I shoulda run this with you too.  Hopefully we'll be running as a family next time around!  We were home by 9:30am.  After a long hot tub soak Mailey and I watched Miss America and took naps.  It was a great way to spend a Sunday!  Hope you guys had a lovely weekend as well.  See ya later in the week with lots of new art in the works!

***Okay...this just in.  I just peeked at the race results.  And this is very exciting!!  Mailey came in 105/516 with a 33:00 time.  I came in 189/1170 with a 33:10 time and Dad 9/13 with a 45:44 time.  Holy cow!!  And actually when I looked at my running app the distance was actually 3.56 miles.  Not 3.1.  They shoulda moved the finish line up a tad!  So our times are even better really.  Woohoooo!!!!

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Lori Leissner said...

You make running (sans being chased by a large wild animal) seem appealing. :)

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