Southern Circle Retreats...through instagram

So it happened.  This past weekend.  Our first Southern Circle Retreat.  Man.  It.  Was.  So.  Amazing.  Seriously.  We were both raising our glasses with tears at Saturday night's dinner.  In all our planning we never doubted we could pull it off, it's not that.  But to finally experience it and the weekend exceed expectation.  Well now, that's something to bring tears of joy on for certain.
We took more photos than a wedding photographer I think.  It was hilarious.  But honestly, some of my favorites are from my phone.  In particular the ones I took through Instagram.  If you have an Instagram account check out our hashtag #southerncircleretreats to see all the photos everyone was taking.  Turns out we ALL had i phones.  We even had a mini Instagram how-to session at one point so everyone could join in the photo taking fun!
Serenbe couldn't have been a more gracious host.  From accommodating our last minute needs, to an ever friendly staff we felt comfortable and loved.
We stayed up late making art....in our PJ's of course!  I only put on shoes to go to breakfast I think.  The rest of the time I was in the turquoise cabin socks below.  Cindy called her house shoes on the left something funny and now for the life of me I can't remember what.  Ah...the memories we made.  The 10 of us.
We made journal boxes, painted, and sewed together.  Everyone left with 3 completed projects.  Everyone left with 9 new friends.  Everyone left wanting more......
We didn't miss a detail.  Even celebrated a special birthday with Gretchen.  And yes, below is a decadent homemade strawberry cake sitting on top of a table covered in vintage linens and milk glass.
 Saturday night during the sewing circle I made this hankie art.  It says.....
"Love What's Next".....So who's joining us for next time?  Who wants to see what's next?  Who wants to join the circle?  Because the best thing about a circle is the more friends you add the bigger the circle gets. 


Christine said...

Your weekend sounds absolultely wonderful, Jenni!!!! Becky and I are seriously talking about coming, will be watching for details!

Sydney Cohn said...

If I can afford it, I will be there. I was oohing and ahhing over every picture you posted.

Karen said...

I'm completely and totally in and I'm bringing my sister!

Artsy Matilda said...

Love watching your dreams come true! I just read something about "don't tell me your dreams, show me your dreams". I think you just did that!
So very happy for you and all the ladies. Hope I get to join one of these delightful circles! xoxo

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