Painting and Mojo


Nothing like a deadline to get the juices flowing right?  Over the Christmas break I had such intentions of getting into the studio and painting away for a show coming up.  But the break was strangely arranged on the calendar, which left me with literally only 3 days to play (due to travel and family gatherings).  And guess what?  Those three days I was sick as a dog (and the 4 prior and the week after...it was a ridiculously long virus)!  Turns out the music teacher had the exact same thing too!  I've finally gotten my energy back.  And my painting MOJO.  I know you all know what I am talking about when I say sometimes I feel it, sometimes I just don't.  Thank the good lawd I am feeling it right now!  And having the BEST time creating.  All new work....all new ideas....attempting new colors.  It's good folks.  It's good.  And just in time.  Because next weekend at our retreat, Southern Circle Retreats, I'll be ready to inspire our attendees.  And that is a very good thing! 

BTW...the above painting sold before I even got it to the show.  I love FB friends!

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Artsy Matilda said...

Love these colors, Jenni! Glad you are back to "feeling it" again.

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