Neighborly Love

This painting is still in the works...but i think it's fun to see the process don't you?  Not sure if you can tell but the house on the left is filling the house on the right's chimney with hearts.  We've been totally blessed with both houses great neighbors.  At our old house Miss Sissy lived on our left.  Lily LOVED her.  In fact I used to have to call her to come home.  When Lily saw her car she'd run as fast as she could to it, Sissy would open the door, and Lily would ride on home with her.  When we went outta town she stayed with Sissy, even slept in the bed with her!  We miss Miss Sissy.   Now in the new house we have the Barber family on our right.  Totally awesome family...that even hung out from 10-12 midnight with the gas guy when we had leak #2 while out of town! 

Good neighbors are truly a blessing.  And make me feel warm and fuzzy inside.  When I lay my head down to sleep there is a true comfortable knowledge that their sweet families are next to mine.  Nurturing, loving and spreading kindness my way.  And we are sending puffy hearts their way as well.


Katrin Santos said...

I love art and creativity. good job.
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Jen @Sadie Inspired said...

I love seeing the process of a painting. SO interesting. I ALWAYS love the colors you use and HAD to pick up a bottle of Soy paint to try! LOVE! I need to get more!! :)

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