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Magazine swooning.....that's what I did yesterday when I found this gently placed in the mailbox.  Especially when I saw my little hot air balloon painting had made the front cover.  I about cried. 

I've been featured before in Artful Blogging with this blog, the Jenni Horne Studios blog that is, years ago.  But as you know since March 12, 2012 I started the 52 Canvases project with a new bright and shiny blog.  I have absolutely loved this project, this new creative journey.  It has given me reason to keep the brushes and paints out.  Folks there are some weeks when between teaching, laundry, often 2 hours of homework with Mailey a night and trying to get a run in...I could have easily let the brushes start collecting dust.  This project has given me such purpose with my art.  It has made me search myself for what I want to say as an artist.  What I want to put into the world with my name on it.  It's very interesting, the way the paintings have morphed into a pictorial journal.   Each week getting a little more personal.  Perhaps this art has been the best type of therapy a person could pay for.  Because I have most definitely learned a lot about myself during this year.  I hope if you are nearby the Naked Art Gallery in Birmingham, Alabama on the weekend of March 15th and 16th you'll come see for yourself the show.  I'll be there with a giant box of tissues.  Just saying.

If you'd like to see the journey from the start head on over to :  52 Canvases in My 40th Year


Artsy Matilda said...

SO happy for you, Jenni! Can't think of a soul who is more deserving of a place in the Artful Blogging publication! And it has been a lovely journey to tag along on, too!
Congratulations, Jenni! I know you've got lots more where these came from! Can't wait to see what comes next.

Christine said...

How exciting for you!!! I gotta keep a look out for this issue!!! You are so inspiring.....love your blog postings and your art! christine

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