Southern Circle Retreats

I can not believe that in two weeks and one day with Tiffin I'll be hosting the first ever Southern Circle Retreat.  I am a tad freaked that the dream is now a reality, a tad nervous and WAY excited.  Really.  This is such a dream come true.  We are two WOMEN that once we decide to do something we do it.  And we've planned everything down to a tee to make it very special for our attendees.  From goodie boxes overflowing with fun products, amazing projects to make, yummy food, and special treats throughout the weekend I know this first time out is going to be magical.  Really.  Wish you could attend?  We have 3 spots left for this time around.  If that's too soon, be looking for a Spring retreat.  The Lake House above where we are staying has a porch we can not wait to use for art making all night on!  It's a wee cold this time of year for this, but not come spring!

Here's the web address link.  And be sure to check the blog in February for a load of fun pictures from the weekend's events!  Wish us lots of happy thoughts and smooth sailing!

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Andria said...

Your retreat looks amazing, Jenni! Good luck with it. My sister lives in Atlanta, so I'm thinking that if you continue to hold these retreats, it might be something I could do next year (it never hurts to have an additional "excuse" for the airline ticket!).

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