A Little Daisy

The Daisy is my favorite flower.  Has been since I can remember.  After almost needing readers to finish the tiny bike and camper paintings I drew this up for fun not thinking it really turn out good.  But well, sometimes happy accidents happen in my studio.  And now I've got about 5 of these in the works!  Turns out simple, whimsical daisy paintings are good for me.  And you. 
Again, these are going to be available this Saturday night at vendor night during the Art and Soul retreat.  What is left (and yes, I'll probably be painting more of them) will be at the Dunwoody Arts Festival Mother's Day weekend.  Mark your calendars for this Atlanta show.  It's a great show!  Plus I'd love to meet more of my fun readers.  In fact, a few years ago I gave gifts to my blog readers that came by and said they read my blog.  That MAY be happening again this year.  Just a heads up peeps!


Christine said...

I love your little daisy!!!!! Too sweet!christine

Isabel said...

Love daisy's too! Hope you are doing well and have fun:O)

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