Okay...so I have a HUGE post about my trip.  But darn if the photos won't enlarge like I like.  So look for those later in the week.  I did want to share some news with you though.... last week I mentioned my not feeling well and all the trials I'd been through.  It was risky doing that.  I know.  I was exposing a side of me I don't like to reveal here.  But I am so very glad I did.  Because one reader emailed me, and being a very Godly person said after reading my story she felt the Holy Spirit guiding her to let me know about a condition called Candida......  I never ever ever would have known about that had I not reached out to you all.  I've read so much about this condition that I could write my own book.  I visited a local herb specialist who is guiding me through the process.  She even calls to check on me!  Right now it includes an insanely strict diet and a regiment of 5 herbal supplements.  It has not been hard.  Probably because I want to feel better so I will literally stand on my head if needed!  Want to know what I've not had in 10 days?  Well...gonna tell you anyways:  alcohol, caffeine, sugar, dairy, gluten, or meat.  Now, I'm gonna not lie.  I ate one cupcake last week on my trip and one helping of brisket ends and cole slaw on my trip.  But other than that I have been totally clean.  The caffeine I was crazy worried about.  But yesterday, finally I realized that I have an insane amount of happy energy.  Not my usual drive energy because I have to because I am a crazy motivated goal oriented person.  But an energy from within.  I am not as irritable either.  My abdomen pain is beginning to dull .  Since March 4th I've had abdomen pain beyond pain pill fixable....so this is a true blessing.  My story is long and entangled how I got to this point.  And more was revealed to me yesterday about what else might have caused me to develop such Candida overgrowth.  Since my endoscope and ultrasound came back clean....I've even more reason to believe that what I was feeding my body was literally making me sick.  So now that this is beginning to heal I've got to work on what is causing the bladder pain.  Yeah...I'm falling apart so to say.  But I am confident that the more I ask, the more I share and the more I let go of foods that are just not good for me (my favorite food group for one:  cookies) I can heal completely.  It's nutty that what you put into your body can literally poison you.  I'm taking back my life and body back though.  One day at a time.  Thanks so much for all the emails and kind words.  I really, really needed them!  Yipee for healing!


Rebecca Palm* Gallimaufry Photography* said...

Good for you! That is so amazing! I have wanted to change how and what I eat and be healthy, I just don't know where to start.

cheryl.mccann said...

i am glad you are feeling better-ish. it's so difficult when you don't feel yourself, and no one can figure out what is wrong.
on another note - how DO you get your photos so nice and biggish?

Isabel said...

I am so glad you are on the healing path:O) I will tell ya that have a urologist check your bladder it is a test that is uncomfortable but done in 3mins it will give you peace and let them see if anything going on, I had a great urologist and he believed in exercise which he sent me to a PT person and we learned the proper way to do Kegels it has helped and works and I am pain free, hormones also affect the bladder:( I am glad you are sharing because it helps others who may be having same problem:O) Blessings and Hugs Isabel

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