Where's Clementine?

As a child I really loved the Where's Waldo books.  I could spend hours pouring over pages trying to find the little man in the red stripe shirt, hat and round glasses.  I suppose it's my artist brain, but I could always pick him out even on the hardest page.  I may not could have done fractions like Angie, but I could find Waldo.  Ha!
I bring Waldo up because recently I realized I could not for the life of me find my original Clementine painting.  And I needed it for something.  I called my galleries to see if they had it, looked in my Etsy sales, racked my brain about what I'd sold at Marist in November...notta.  Did someone steal her?  Surely no one came into my house and passed all the other sorts of goodies we had just to take an orange bunny painting, right?  And then this weekend while getting ready for the yard sale I found her.  You see her?
And just like a Where's Waldo book there was sweet Clementine.  Hanging on my bike painting wall.  She's not a bike painting, so why is she there?  Well you see the painting propped up behind my bird sculpture will not stay on the wall.  Period.  So I guess to keep her safe I hung her on that bike's nail.  Kinda like my square reader.  I keep it in a safe place that I'll remember.  Only I never remember and I get all in a hissy because I can't find it.  And then it magically appears where I thought it was to begin with.  Sometimes I feel like my life is a giant moving Where's Waldo book.
But quite honestly, I'd rather have this kinda life than any other.  Just sayin'......  So look for Clementine to be making a big girl debut.  Like BIG girl panty debut.  Oooo...secrets, secrets.  Just wait.  It's going to be super good.  I'll be letting you in on it hopefully very soon.  Let's just say she'll have her own blog and everything.  Yeah.  I'm a tiny bit excited.  Just a little.

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