Whimsical Landscapes and Kansas

Well folks, as you read this my body is in Kansas City, MO!  Tomorrow I'll be teaching 12 sweet artists all about painting a whimsical landscape at Art and Soul.  I'm kinda excited to be away.  I need the break from my life a few days.  Selfish yep.  But true.  The kids are hanging with their Dad.  No telling what I'll come home to.  Hahaha...  I'll be back this weekend with some shots of the workshop.  Hope you're having a great week!


Janet said...

You're in my neck of the woods. I'm from Atchison, and my son still lives in KC, on the Kansas side. You should try to get down to the Plaza. The architecture is fabulous, or the Nelson museum of art. It's HUGE!!!

mystele said...

hi, jenni! we don't know each other but we have mutual friend- kathleen taylor. on sunday mar 31 you should have received an email about an online class. i'm going to resend it to you. look for hotwatercornbread at gmail dot com. can't wait to hear from you, and enjoy Art and Soul!

KGS said...

I live in Kansas City. Sorry to miss you. Can't wait to see photos and here about your trip here.
Yay! ~kim

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