I painted this yesterday morning.  For you.  My lovely readers.  You are a blessing to me and this creative journey.  Thanks so much for all the kind words and emails regarding my not feeling so swell.  Just a little update, I'm having GI tests run tomorrow (not looking forward to) and took myself to the herb shop and started a rather expensive round of herbs and a diet recommended by the owner.  You know I want to feel good when I eat spinach salad naked and pinto beans for Easter dinner instead of my Mother-in-law's amazing cooking.  Yeah.  Something has got to work.  And if it means eating like a cave woman (actually no meat so like a vegan cave woman) for a few weeks then that's exactly what I am going to do. 

I've found my painting grove in the middle of all this which is a double blessing.  I literally painted 3/ 12x12 canvases Sunday.  They are so soft and lovely.  Looking forward to seeing more come from my hands over the next week.  It's the start of spring break.....thank goodness.  We all needed a little rest.


Isabel said...

i had to go back and read the post where you mentioned your symptoms, Im so sorry you are going through this. I know your pain a yr a go I had severe pain in my bladder and all the symptoms you have and more the tests and the doctors never finding anything ct scans and recently my hands and feet are numb, I feel like i have needles in them and now seeing a chiro. I have a BAD back and my urologist mentioned that hormones and the change can cause all kinds of issues. i hope you get answers from these recent test and sending you hugs and healing vibes and prayers Isabel

Mechelle said...

Sending prayers your way Jenni.

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