Tiny Paintings

Sometimes I get cool ideas in my head.  Or so I think they are super cool awesome ideas that aren't going to take long so I over buy stuff for these ideas and finally get around to doing them.  Whew.  Yeah.  Like tiny paintings.  Around Christmas I bought a stack of 4" wooden panels.  Honestly I think they were for the ornament class that didn't go over so well.  Meaning, no one came.  Boo.  So what to do with a stack of tiny panels?  Black gesso them and start painting on them!  Yeah.  Only, I have found it takes me just about as long to finish this tiny painting as it does say an 8x10 maybe larger.  Darn.  So then comes the question of appearance of value.  This tiny painting next to say an 8x10 should cost what?  As a consumer I know what I am comfortable paying for stuff.  Sometimes that can be insulting to a fellow artist....for instance the artist in San Francisco that wanted like $400 for an 8x10 and I balked at that (of course in my southern charming way).  He was a freaking street artist!  Did I blog about this incident yet?  I should have if not.  None of his paintings were priced.  And before you could ask about the price of a painting you had to read his newspaper article written on him from the 70's.  Then he'd talk price.  It was a time consuming process to say the least.  Just tell me the price and I'll take it or leave it, right?  When I refused to give him what I thought was fair price ($150) he told me my deal would be $400 or so.  I politely said this was over my budget.  And tried to walk away.  Instead he got all in my face about how I had no intention of buying his art then and that I was wasting his time...blah...blah...blah.  He was so rude to me.  The next day I went by his tent and guess what, he'd sold NOTHING. 

Anyhoo....the moral of my story is, the above paintings will be priced at $35 at the Art and Soul vendor night.  Because as a consumer that's what I would pay.  And whatever is left will be for sale at Dunwoody Arts Festival May 11 and 12.  Super excited to be offering tiny paintings because you literally can put them anywhere.  Heck, attach it to your dashboard.  Start the trend. 


Jennifer Jackson Taylor said...

Love the small painting, and glad you are feeling better. I think $35-40 is a fair price. That's what I price my smaller paintings because that's what feels right. I've seen some smaller priced at $90, YIKES.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend.

505whimsygirl said...

I love the small painting!!! Actually, I am just plain in love with EVERYTHING YOU DO.

Pricing is a tricky thing, isn't it. I remember years ago when beaded amulet necklaces were popular (at least here in New Mexico) and I couldn't afford to buy one so instead I took a class and made myself one! Then I started selling them, at what I would consider paying for one. Not a money maker but I enjoyed making them.

Sounds like the guy in San Fran was living in the past.... but with futuristic prices, say, after he died and became famous (ouch, did I just type that?)?


Isabel said...

I LOVE painting tiny and love thi one of yours:O) My tiny paintings can be just as much as large ones although I have a thing of not going over 140 on my paintings I want people to be able to buy my paintings:O) I hope you are feeling better and on the road to healing, hugs Isabel

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