An Opportunity

Here it is.  My opportunity to show a lovely lady and her creative team who I am as an artist.  I followed the directions, interpreted the theme, and gave it one of my best little images possible.  Now I have to just wait.  She'll be posting the short list on August 1st on her blog.  Funny, this totally reminds me of show choir tryouts.  Mr. Ushery always posted the names on his door a few days after tryouts.  We'd have our tummies in knots waiting to know if we were going to get to actually wear the black velvet with blue crushed ice top and chiffon bottomed dress.  (I should so find a photo of this and show you. )  And just like then, even though I was one of the best female singers and dancers in the school I still worried my name wouldn't be on the list.

There is a heck of a lot of talent out there in the same competition.  It feels weird competing with my art.  I'm thinking this is why I had such a melt down last week.  The idea of not getting picked put me over the edge.  I've always made the team you see.  Always been elected president.  Always made A's.  Always been accepted to juried shows.  Always.....always can sometimes be a bad thing.  Because you don't know how to handle a no.  With my confidence a tad on the low side combined with the pressure of competing with something I am beyond passionate about sent me into a good old fashioned tissy.  But now it's done.  Can't take what I made back.  I think the interpretation of a vintage playground is sweet.  And if anything, it got me back into the studio and back to making.  Which is always a good thing.


Jennifer Jackson Taylor said...

I love it Jenni! Great job. And most importantly, you put yourself out there and grew a bit more with this submission regardless of the outcome.

Lin said...

I second Jennifers comment. I know what you mean about the confidence thing, but just go with your heart.

Artsy Matilda said...

PRECIOUS! Love it!
** Competition is a tedious thing. (Auditioning for ballets back in the day was a definite tissy fit producer). To be judged in a competition is to be given a human being's personal opinion ... especially with art, nothing can be set in stone. Not like who runs the fastest, kicks the highest, etc. What IS set in concrete is that you are an incredible artist and a lovely person with a heart of gold and a foundation of pure goodness. There are so many of us who treasure you, Jenni. And we LOVE your art and buy it to hang in our homes and offices and studios!! THAT is evidence you have been/are picked!
Blessings! xoxo

mama bleu said...

No matter what happens with the "talent search" results, you and your art are valuable. I love your art! Thanks for sharing Jenni!

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