Telling A Story

I realize lately that I am more and more drawn to instagram.  Do you instagram?  It's like one giant viewfinder.  No words, just photos.  Click...click...click.....You make up the story like you did as a child with the plastic viewfinder.  Well, some tell a tid bit under their photos, but as a general rule, you just get one tiny slice of life.  Of their moment.  Of their story.  I am drawn to the story and the story telling.  With every aspect of my life honestly.  Even the furniture I buy has to tell a story.  It's funny the other day I was in a friend's beautiful home that is very new, shiny and has lots of new shiny beautiful furniture without peely paint, nics and scratches.  It's really pretty in her house.  And smells nice.   When I got home I looked around my house and realized about the only thing under 30 years old were my kids, animals and sofas.  And when it rains it brings out all the old smells from the furniture in my house.  HAHAHA....I love that my furniture even has a story to tell. 

I am a story teller.  By nature. Some say I reveal way too much about myself here and there.  But its my story.  And I like sharing it.  It allows you to connect to me on a deeper level.  It allows you to understand why I create as I do.  It's a rich deep story.  Hopefully it draws you in and makes you want to get to the next chapter.  I think its why you are here.
Ok...onto the photos.  I often say "I'm not going to make this anymore because....."  and then I find treasures like above.  You see, much like buying the furniture in my home, or hearting photos on instagram, my jewelry tells a tiny tale.  I made the above stamped piece years ago.  He's been #12 since about age 6.  I made these discs for all my girlfriends to wear to the games.  Unfortunately as much as I love the 6" button with William's photo on it, I wasn't really in to wearing it.  But this, with its daintiness was just enough for my neck in 100' Georgia heat at the ball field.  I added the brass heart made by my dear friend Laura later.  I wear it to all his games.  Because #12 has my heart always and always.   And one day, maybe I'll let his girlfriend wear the # too.
I made a giant batch of leather cuffs for the Country Living Fair 2011.  I'd made the gentle reminder bracelets for a spell and decided to try the same concept out on leather.  Well, they sold like hot cakes.  With their simple words, ladies were drawn to the magic the words said to them.  Tiny chapters some love to share, some like to forget.  

Then there are the "gentle reminder bracelets".  My favorite to make.  And up until today I'd worn my "artsy mom" since I'd made it.  Rarely even taking it off for about 7 years.  I guess this post was prompted by that bracelet because today I noticed it missing.    Which made me a little emotional.  How stupid, it's just a bracelet.  But to me, it's part of the story.   So it made me sad.  

I suppose there will be new chapters to my story as the years go on.  I'll add new readers and loose some readers along the way.  But hopefully you'll continue to stop by every once in awhile to see how the chapters end.  Of course, if you want just a viewfinders peek, follow me on instagram (artsyorange).  I promise I'm less wordy there.  hehehe...

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