Clementine the Bunny

Every once-in-awhile I get an itching to create something 3-D.  I love working with different clays.  And although I have access to a great kiln, I prefer working with paper clay or modeling clay.  I think because the armature you don't have to worry about so much with air dry clays.  For instance, the armature for this bunny was Styrofoam balls, aluminum foil, wire and toothpicks.  Most likely not materials that need to enter a kiln. 
I created Clementine one night while watching TV.  After constructing the armature and making sure she'd sit properly without additional base support, I began covering her with my new favorite clay.  It's called "Model Air" by Polyform.  It comes in 2.2lb packs at Michael's for I think $7.99.  And if used right can go a very long way.  This is the same material we used at art camp on the owl sculptures.  I prefer it over the DAS paper clay because it has a smoother texture and doesn't crumble as easy as the paper clay products do.  And it dries super fast.  She was dry in 1 day.  And only one crack issue around her ear joint.  I just had to remember to flip her over so the bottom would dry.
I will say in painting little sculptures like this I see why Doreen Kassel (the lady I took a Sculptey Clay class from) uses oil based paints.  The acrylic kept coming off in places when I'd touch it until totally dry.  Even now dry, it tends to flake off in places.  I bet if I sealed it with clear it'd be fine.  Also if I used Doreen's technique she'd look a little more vintage and not so much like a plastic toy.  Maybe I'll slap some stain on her.  Hmmm....  the ideas are bountiful!  Will I be making some more?  Not sure there's a market for orange bunny figurines just yet.  But she was super fun to make and got my hands making something.  And that's what matters these days for my creative soul


Christine said...

I love Clementine!!!!! I am going to get some of that new modeling stuff....I want to do a doll head, paper clay seems so hard to mold for me....paper machine too hard to get a smooth finish. Thanks Jenni!

Jennifer Jackson Taylor said...

He's so adorable. Makes me want to play with clay again.

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