Summer Art Camp 2013

I am totally about to photo bomb this post and just let the photos do all the talking.  Enjoy!!  I hope to see many of these kiddos back next summer.  Art Camp 2014!

OK... yes that's is mine on the right and her BFF Grace on the left.  I had to put this in first.  Just 'cause they are so pretty and very talented artists.

So in case you are wondering, the camp was for kids entering K-6th grade.  It was a mix of all ages, but more older than younger.  We also made these really cute folksy fish but they kept uploading sideways and I'm not in the mood to figure out why.  haha  We met Monday-Wednesday 10-2 and Thursday 10-1 with an Art Show reception complete with cake to finish the week off.  Based on the projects completed, I'm thinking it was a great week.  I am in total awe of the clay owls.  Yeah for finding an air dry clay that rocks!  And although one little group of boys were either constantly talking or moving around the room (where do they get that energy???)....it was a talented sweet group of kids I am very glad came and experienced the week with me.

And now.....2 weeks and two days until the real deal starts back.  I know, don't say it!  My kids are ready and secretly I am too.   Tonight I am totally looking forward to my wine, favorite shows ever:  Renovation Addict, Renovation Raiders AND a new Project Runway season.  See you later!

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Mme Dao said...

I really like the owl paintings and would like to try it with my own students. Do you have the step-by-step process or lesson posted somewhere? Thanks!

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