A Finished Piece

I've got to admit.  This feels SO GOOD.  Like why in the world have I stopped painting?  Seriously.  I've not painted anything (except camp samples) in months. Months.  What is wrong with me?
The basket is my favorite part of the entire painting.  I just kept layering my favorite colors on it and ta-da it was done!
This is a big one.  I love painting big but rarely do unless it's a custom painting because in tent shows it's difficult to display big paintings. The client wanted a bike with birds on it.  I've painted lots of bikes, and lots of birds, and just a few bikes with birds.  I think bikes and birds needs to be my new "thang".  What do you think? 
Hello Mattie bird.  You are super cute.
I met Phillip at Serenbe May Day and handed it off to be framed.  I can't wait to get it back and shipped to where it needs to go.  So.....How was your weekend?


Artwork by Jennifer Taylor said...

I love this one, especially the long eyelashes on your birdie. Too cute.

Lin said...

Love it! Well done!

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