PAINT SOMETHING: an e-course

So this is how I roll. I think about things for a long time. On my runs I day dream about these ideas. I talk about the ideas. I write about the ideas in my "DREAM BIG" notebook. And then something happens and as the saying goes, "the straw that broke the camel's back" happens. This time another email broke the back as it asked ...."Do you offer any online classes? I live too far to come to your PSW workshops in the studio".  Yep.  I cracked....worked full steam ahead...tunnel vision...got the idea into real time.

Honest to goodness the only reason it's taken me this long is fear. Yeah....good old fashioned fear of not being able to get the computer and my artsy brain to cooperate. But you know, I fixed up a purdy website in the fall. It wasn't so bad. Surely I could do this, right?

So I did. Actually it didn't take as long to get the main platform ready as I had anticipated. Now the content blog part I can't wait to tackle!! I've already had to buy a new notebook for the ideas filing my head as to how to teach you guys online. ONLINE! That means peeps in Croatia can take the class.  Ekkkkkkk!!!! I can't wait to get myself on video. I crack myself up a pretty good bit, so warning ya (I also cry when talking about why I paint.). I think in my next life I shall be a stand-up-comedian.

So how do you sign up?.....Well folks head on over the the fresh clean website. All the amazing details are there for the July 7th-August 2nd workshop. I hope to see you ALL there!!!


Blooming Soul Arts said...

just signed up! looking forward to getting messy with you in July!

Nicole Nelson said...

Stumbled on your blog tonight and feel like I found a soul sister! Loved seeing your art, reading your words, and just enjoyed it all. I was an art teacher, now I homeschool and paint in watercolor. I have a blog over at www.nicplynel.com. Keep up the good work!

Debbie Dacosta said...

I couldn't get into the site to sign up and read the details.... Would love to take your online class. I've been waiting years... Thanks Deb... From long Island N. Y.

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