Painting A Bike

Yesterday I was quite under the weather.  Today...well let's just say I am dressed like an Eskimo, drinking water and praying for strength.  This is not the time of year to be trying to get a sub.  Let's just leave it at that.(yesterday she showed up 45 minutes or so late!  WHAT?) This was the scene pretty much all day at the Horne house.  I hate being sick.....

I did however get bored a couple of times so I wandered down to my studio, turned up the Christina Perri, and dove into painting this rather large bad boy!

I am hoping to finish this up by the weekend so Phillip the framer can get it framed.  And then....we ship!  I know. Crazy how big it is and shipping.  It gets to ride on an airplane in the freight section.  Lucky painting. 

It felt so good to paint again.  Sometimes it takes just making myself get into the studio to get the mojo going again.  It's so easy to make excuses these days....gotta clean the house....gotta get kids here or there...gotta go running....gotta.... If I am ever going to get past this plateau I am firmly grounded on I have to make a conscious effort to get into the studio and make.  No one ever got to the top by standing still.  I for one am not too good at standing still.

Have a lovely weekend!  We are playing baseball for a 15U team as a fill-in in Lagrange.  Kinda excited for William to play outside of his comfort zone.  Mailey has big plans with a girlfriend and something about sewing a kangaroo pouch on their sweatshirts.  She's been talking about it for 2 weeks straight.  Lawd where she gets these ideas!  HAHA....Sounds like I will have a fun evening with my sewing machine. 


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julie said...

This painting is so fantastic - I would never have guessed that you painted it while not feeling well!

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