Kirkwood Spring Fling

This post is going to be pretty photo heavy...sorry! I haven't done a show in so long I'd forgotten a few things. The Kirkwood Spring Fling was an amazing show to ease back into the show life. But here are a few things I'd forgotten: 5:30 am driving stinks. I get up that early to run long runs, but for shows I'd forgotten how crazy early that really is. Setting up a tent solo is impossible. Peeing in a porta potty all day is gross. Plain and simple. I forgot my pen. I forgot my hand sanitizer. 10-8Pm is a very long show day. And then to take it all down on top of that. And peeing in a porta potty all day. I may have had more than one Sangria due to all the above. But what I'd also forgotten is: How much I enjoy meeting other show gypsies. And how you immediately feel like best friends forever after one show. I miss interacting with people and talking about my work. I love that my friends come to see me in my "element" (shout outs: Donna, Heather, Rachel, Dallas and your peeps you brought along). I love to sell my art. I love seeing the joy it is going to bring to their home. I am blessed to have been given these talents. I know this....and think this is why my shows tend to be successful. My joy literally spills outta my tent. 
Here's my tent this time. If you see anything you'd like to purchase simply email me and I'll let you know if it's still available.

I hope you are having a lovely week. We are in the countdown to the end of school. Crazy!! I am getting super excited about putting the final touches on Paint Something: an e-course. If you avhen't checked out my website you should!  Here's the link:  www.paintsomething.guru  

See you guys later this week!! Have a blessed one.


julie said...

Your booth is beautiful! Your work is amazing.

I would love to know more about your booth creation process. How did it all come together? How do you transport it all?

Pawan Kumar said...

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