5 Things on Thursday

5 things.....

1. started working out at the gym again. it makes me feel sexy doing that. yep.
2. decided now or never on e-course. it's launching this weekend.  really.
3. the photo above was taken after school, yes....it's a selfie. speaking of school i've decided i really love my job. funny when you think you need to be somewhere else God has a bigger plan. so the word i am looking for i guess is contentment. i've not had much of that in my life. i kinda like the feeling.
4. i am sleeping like a sleeping big hibernating bear which i think is why #3 is better
5. my sweet Clementine is finally going to press. i may have cried when they told me. talk about dreams come true and bucket list stuff and all!

So....what are your 5 things?  I've decided to start this weekly series as a reminder that good stuff keeps happening when I put my faith and trust in God.  When I let go of fear and face the giants with love and kindness. I'm telling you my morning ritual with the devotional has truly changed my life. Mostly because it keeps telling me to trust, love and let go (simply put). Have a lovely Thursday. 


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