Great Things

I've been doing some thinking lately about great things. In particular what great things I have in my life at the moment. And how all the little steps I've taken over the years have gotten me here. There are many moments that cause me to pause lately and really think about how to move forward. I daily remind myself to live in today, not worry about yesterday and certainly stop fretting over tomorrow. Worry is such a life killer. And unfortunately I am plagued with it. I seriously have to make a conscious effort daily to not worry. So here are some random small things that are bringing joy to my life right now. All these together are making for a really great life.

-Fall is here. Oh how I love fall.
-My son, while lounging on the couch is now the length of the couch. I am so thankful for the man he is growing into.
-My art is finding a new voice. I'm not sure where it's coming from, but it wants to be heard. 
-We are going to travel this year as a family to 2 new exciting cities. I can not wait to share these places with the kids. 
-My children tell me lots about what's going on in their lives. I hope that door continues to stay open. I enjoy knowing their hearts. I didn't feel I had that connection with my parents and have worked hard to be the listener and the conversation starter when needed.
-I find myself staring at Billy wondering how we grew into the 2 people we are. So comfortable with each other. So ready to grow old together. I can not imagine sharing this life with anyone else.
-My running has become easier and so amazing feeling. I am so thankful for healing. I'm not 100%...but getting there slowly with the help of a chiropractor and a deep tissue massage therapist.
-I'm doing a huge art show next weekend and am seriously considering going back into this life style. Conversation for later....but let's just say I am not sure I physically or mentally can teach elementary children another year at my current pay scale. It's one of the small great things I am doing that's making a huge impact on my worry level. 
-My e-course is taking off. Again. I can't believe the number of people that have signed on to take art from me through the internet! I am humbled, excited and nervous about teaching this group of amazing artists. I am truly blessed to have the gift for teaching. I can not wait to start sharing on Monday.

I hope that you are finding yourself drawn to small wonderful things in your daily routine. I have found lately that if I allow myself a little room for goodness, greatness emerges. It's kinda awesome.


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