Pumpkin Canvases

I teach classes after school at my school. It's an extra class parents have to sign their children up for and pay a fee. I pay the school rent and buy all the supplies for the classes. I've actually been teaching after school classes here longer than teaching during the day! I love it because they ALL want to be there and if I have behavior issues I just tell the parents, "If Johnny can't behave I have a waiting list of students wanting to attend the class." Not that I've had to sue that line much.  We use lots of nice art materials I can't afford during the regular class day.
For instance, canvases, charcoal pencils and acrylic paints! Which is what these pumpkin landscapes are. These turned out even better than I imagined they would!
As a general rule I don't do holiday lessons. I have several students in the class that their religion doesn't do holidays. So I always hesitate on doing anything too "holiday". But then I had a parent mention they like the seasonal ideas because they can put it out, then put it away for next year and not feel bad about not having everything out all the time. I was like HOLY cheesecracker. Genius idea.
These canvases have a pretty burlap hanger so it can be hung on an interior door or window for the fall season.I wish I had one of these from my kids! If parents were clever enough they could put these into Shutterfly and have a table runner made or cards or....lots of great ideas in Shutterfly. I recently had lots of gorgeous gifts made for Christmas using my art. I about freaked when I received the products. I can't wait to give the gifts!!

I hope you are having a lovely start to fall. I absolutely love this time of year!

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